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  1. In your web browsers address bar go to (eg. If your email address is, is your domain
  2. You will be to a Welcome to Horde login page. Enter your full email address as your username and your password. Click Login
  3. Sometimes you will be redirected to a “blank” page. Press the Function Key ‘F5’ to refresh the page and you will be prompted with a pop up and depending on the web browser click on Continue or Retry. You will then be sent to the webmail account.
    clip_image002 clip_image003
  4. If you haven’t accessed your webmail before or if it has been a while you might be prompted with Mail Maintenance Operations – Confirmation. I would recommend clicking on Skip Maintenance if you are unsure what emails are on the server.
  5. After skipping Maintenance you will be taken to the Welcome page. Click on Mail in the navigation pane.
  6. In the Mail :: Inbox you will be able to see the all of the emails that are currently stored on the server. If there are no email in the Inbox then either:
    – no emails have been received or
    – the emails have been downloaded by email software, (eg. Outlook)set to use POP3
  7. From the top Menu Bar you can Compose new emails, Fetch (receive) emails and other typical email functions.

If you require anymore assistance please feel free to contact Insane Technologies support team.