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This Article will assist you if you need to serve a domain name or several domain names that point to a web site hosted on another server:

To add a new domain forwarder:

1. Click the Clients shortcut in the navigation pane.

2. Select the Client you wish to create the domain forwarding for.

3. Click Add New Domain.

4. Specify the domain name.

5. Leave the www check box selected if you wish to allow users to access the site by a common and habitual URL like Having the www alias preceding the domain name will allow users to get to the site no matter what they type in their browsers: and will both point to the site.

6. Leave the Create domain without template option selected in the Select template menu.

a. If you have a number of IP addresses to choose from, select the required address from the Select an IP address drop-down box.

b. Bear in mind that e-commerce sites need a dedicated IP address (not shared among other sites) to implement Secure Sockets Layer data encryption.

7. Make sure that there is a check mark in the Proceed to hosting setup check box and click OK.

8. Choose the forwarding type: select either Frame forwarding or Standard forwarding option.

9. With standard forwarding, a user is redirected to the site and the actual site’s URL is shown in the user’s browser, so the user always knows that he or she is redirected to another URL. With frame forwarding, a user is redirected to the site without knowing that the site actually resides at another location, therefore, Frame forwarding should be preferred.

10. Click OK.

11. Specify the destination URL: the current web site address that you would like this domain to point to.

12. Click OK.

To reconfigure an existing domain and make it a domain forwarder:

1. Go to Domains in the Navigation Panel

2. Select the domain that you wish to change the hosting for.

a. Make note of the Blue VR icon as this indicates that there is an actual website hosted on the server and that as a precaution you should back up the website just in case. I recommend using Filezila as the FTP client. Please save the website to T:\WebHosting\Sites\

b. If there is a Blue ST or FR icon then there is already forwarding setup on the subscription.

3. Under Hosting (Domain has physical hosting on IP XX.XX.XX.XX) select Delete. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BACKED UP & CONTACTED THE CLIENT THAT THIS IS HAPPENING)

4. Click OK o the pop up to confirm that you wish to delete the Hosting account

5. Then click on Setup

6. Select the Hosting Type that you require.

7. Click OK

8. Specify the destination URL: the current web site address that you would like this domain to point to.

9. Click OK