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December 17th, 2012

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This article will assist you in navigating around the GFI Max portal so you can

1. Go to and Login in to the GFI MAX Mail

2. Click on Messages from the Menus at the top

Message Delivery Log

You will then be taken to the Message Delivery Log. From here you will be able to search for emails using the search criteria. To Search enter:

1. What you wish to search for. You can search for a Recipient, Sender and/or subject of an email

2. When an email was sent by selecting an time period

3. Type of email. Both inbound and outbound messages, inbound only or outbound only

4. The Status of the messages

5. What Flags the emails have been given

6. Click Find Message

7. Once you have searched for the emails you will receive a report. In this example all the incoming messages were delivered.

Inbound Quarantine

From this page you will be able see all of the inbound messages that have been quarantines and that will be sent through in the next Digest reports. Looking at the page you can see the Date and time the email was received (NOTE: the date format is MM/DD/YYYY). Who the Email is for (TO), who has sent the email (FROM) and the Subject of the email.


Searching the Inbound Quarantine

1. Click on Search all quarantined messages

2. Fill in the Search filters

3. Click on Find Message

4. For example if you enter an email address in the RECIPIENT: field you will then be given a list of emails in quarantine for just that user over the time period.

Viewing the emails that have been Quarantined

1. Hover over the email that you would like to View until it is yellow and then Click on the Subject

2. You will then be taken to the email so you can see the contents. From this page you can

1) Release the email by clicking on the Release button

2) Add sender to whitelist

3) Add subject to whitelist

4) Move to the previous or next email or Back to the list

Releasing Emails

To release an email that you know to be safe:

1. Tick the email/s

2. Click on RELEASE

Make sure you know that the emails are safe to be released when doing this. If you are unsure try viewing the email first (see above).

There are other pages that can be viewed from the Messages tab. The Inbound Message Queue might be useful if emails cannot be delivered immediately to your mail server, for example the Exchange server is offline.