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December 12th, 2012

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Before connecting you will need to have either a URL ( or the IP address of the computer you want to connect to. In most cases you will also require a port number as well. Also using the URL more than likely will not work if you are connected to the sane network as the computer that you are trying to remote too. I this case us will need the Computer name

Windows XP

1. Go to START>All Programs>Accessories>Communications and click Remote Desktop Connection

a. (It may also be located at START>All Programs>Accessories)


2. The following or a similar window will appear (if you don’t see this window click the Options button on the window that does open)

3. Next to computer enter (eg 3390)

4. Enter a username and a password. For the Domain enter your networks domain.

5. If you which to save this configuration click Save As. This will allow you to save a link to the desktop that will use these settings next time you want to connect to this computer.

6. Click Connect and Yes to any warnings that are displayed.

Windows Vista/7

1. Click START and type Remote Desktop in the search bar. The top result will be Remote Desktop Connection. Click this and the window below will appear.


2. Next to computer enter: PORT (eg 3390)

3. Click Connect and you will be prompted to enter a username and password.


4. Click Use another account and then enter, next to Username: Domain\ followed by the username you were given (eg. OFFICE\ben323). Enter your password and then click OK.

5. Click Yes to any warnings shown and you should see a remote desktop window open up with the desktop of the remote PC visible.