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September 26th, 2012

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This article will assist you to open an archived *.PST file from a location on your computer in Outlook 2007 & 2010. This may be need when you want to view to use saved data from a different users mailbox or old emails that you have exported to a *PST file

How to Open a *.PST file (Outlook Data File)

1. In Outlook Click on the File tab

2. In the File tab select Open from the Navigation panel on the Left

3. Click on Open Outlook Data File

4. Navigate to the File location the *.PST file is located. (it is advisable that the *PST is located on a local drive and not a network drive as there can be major performance issues)

5. Select the Outlook Data File you wish to open

6. Click Ok

7. Once the *PST file has been opened it will be located in the Left hand side navigation panel below the Mailbox. In this example it is called Archive –


Closing the *.PST file (Outlook Data File)

1. Right click on the Outlook Data File you wish to Close and Click on Close “……