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This article will assist you in setting up your Rainy Day Online Backup file and folder back up.

1. Log in to your rainy day online backup account which has been installed onto your computer.

2. Click on Backup Online

3. If this is the first time that you have set up the Online backup you will be prompted to choose So Simple File Select. in this example I’m selecting Yes.

4. Once the scan has been completed you can make various changes. These change include:

1. Modify scan setting – you can make change to the folders, types of file and size of files that you would like to scan for.

2. Select the Filter types – you can choose to scan for particular file types

3. View/edit results – Make changes to the files that have be found (I will be editing the results in this example)

4. Accept the results – you can accept the results of the files that have been found.
clip_image004 clip_image005

5. in the View/edit results window that opens up you can make changes to the files that you would like to back up to the cloud. To do this:

1. Select the Filter type.

2. Un-tick the files that you don’t wish to backup

3. Repeat for all the filter types and click OK

6. After you have made the changes to the results click on Accept results and click on OK to confirm the back up.

7. You will then be taken to a window Step 1: What do you want to back up? This is a more advanced view of all of the files available on the system you are trying to back up. In this example as we have already selected the file that we wish to backup just press Next >> .

1. If you wish to select other files and folders to backup you can do this by navigating to the folder and/files that you wish to also back up. One file that could be worth adding to the backup is your Outlook .pst or .ost file. Which in Windows 7 and Vista, C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook


8. Step 2: When and how do you want to back up?

1. We usually recommend ticking Run scheduled backups automatically without user intervention. And Run backup even when Windows user is not logged in.

2. Select the Frequency of the backup

3. Select the Timing you want the backup to run

4. Click Next >>

5. If you selected Run backup even when Windows user is not logged in you will be prompted to enter your login credentials (username and password)


6. Step 3: Other settings. On this page you can set up email reports to be sent at the end of a scheduled backup. Tick the Send email reports… option and enter the email address\s. For multiple address please separate the addresses with a semi colon “ ; ”. Click Next>>

7. Setup Complete from this window you can review the backup before running it for the first time.

1. The Summary of Size, Schedule and reporting

2. What to do after running the backup

3. Review the files being backed up.

4. Click Finish

8. Rainy Day Online Backup will now be running the back to the cloud. You will be sent an email notification to the addresses that you have specified to once it is completed.