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This article is designed to provide you with some steps to resolve problems you may run into when logging into your company terminal server.

Incorrect Domain

If you are having trouble logging into a terminal server and are adamant you have your username and password correct, you may have the DOMAIN part incorrect.

To explain, in a Windows based network, all user accounts exist in what is referred to as “the domain”. Here at Insane Technologies, our network domain is “INSANE” (sometimes referenced as “INSANE.local”, or “INSANE\yourusername”).

You may often notice that when you log into your computer, or the terminal server, it will say “DOMAIN: INSANE” (or your domain), or “INSANE\yourusername”.

If for whatever reason your computer loses this bit of information, it might drop the DOMAIN and put the name of the machine instead.

When this happens you will notice the DOMAIN part might say INSANE-TS01 or INSANE-DAVIDPC like so


When this happens, click the option to sign in under a different account (ie: “Use another account” in the above picture) and type your username as being YOURDOMAIN\yourusername as shown in this next example


You may need to find out the name of your DOMAIN for your business, and it’s probably handy to have this written down somewhere easy to reference just in case you run into this problem!