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November 23rd, 2012

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This knowledge Base article will assist you in setting up a VPN connection. If this is for a Business that has Active directory ensure that the user you are setting has the correct security permissions

Allowing a user access to a VPN

1. Log into the Domain Controller

2. Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Active Directory Uses and Computers

3. Find user in SBSUsers (may differ from organisation to organisation)

4. Select Dial-in tab

5. Then in Remote Access Permission, select Allow Access

6. Apply then Ok

This will allow the user access via VPN

Adding a VPN connection

To set up a new VPN:

1. Go to Start -> Control Panel

2. Select Network and Sharing Center

3. Click on Set up a new Connection or network

4. Select Connect to a workplace and Click Next

5. Click on Use my Internet Connection (VPN)

6. Enter the Internet Address, type in the WAN address (eg: (check site configuration))

7. Enter the Destination Name, Call it "Companies" VPN, Click on Next

8. Enter the User credentials for the VPN connection, and click on Connect

9. The connection will then be verified, Wait until this is completed. If at this point you are setting up a VPN connection and the computer Is connected to the network you are setting the VPN too you might receive an error 812, Select Set up the Connection Anyway
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10. You will need to have the User test the connection when they are not connected the same network. Some option to do this would be:

a. Tether the computer to a mobile device. (eg, iPhone, Android device), make sure this device isn’t connected to the same wireless network

b. Connect to a 3G modem, (eg. USB stick)

c. Connect to a separate network (eg. Home)